Fabrication, Erection and commissioning of overland belt conveyor at Udaipur Cement Ltd., Udaipur, Rajasthan

  • This is a turn-key EPC project executed by LNVT.
  • LNVT successfully installed and commissioned the 5,698.5 m long Overland Belt Conveyor (OLBC) conveying Crushed Limestone from Mines to the Plant, located at Udaipur Cement Works Limited, Dabok, Rajasthan, with a conveying capacity of 1100 TPH (Design).
  • The Steel Cord Belt is run through tubular pipe triangular gantry and supported on Y support with pipe trestles.
  • OLBC passes through uneven terrain both Uphill and Downhill, crosses National Highways, Kacha roads, small canals, and rivers, Electrical lines namely HT & LT Lines, passes through trenches and several villages taking into consideration all safety aspects, norms, and government regulations. OLBC discharges material to dump hopper located in the plant.
  •  By means of installing tubular pipe gantry, it is possible to make the horizontal curve. In OLBC, we have a 1 deg. horizontal curve which is as per layout requirement.


Capacity of material handled  : 1000 TPH (Operating); 1100 TPH (Design)
Length of OLBC  : 5,698.5 m
Maximum lump size  : 65 mm
Total number of Trestles  : 234 no’s
Belt Width  : 800 mm
Belt Speed  : 3.90 m/s
Drive  : 355 kW x 3 No’s
Troughing Angle  : 45 deg.

Bird’s Eye View of OLBC

Gantry & Protection Bridge at NH-Road

Hopper discharge to Belt feeder

OLBC at Tail End (Elevation)

OLBC gantry mounted on Trestles

Discharge to 100t

Magnetic Separator

Limestone conveyed across the belt