Vision & Mission Statement




To emerge as a most respected engineering Organization, in the field of Cement and Mineral Processing by making “Perfect Manufacturing Plants” of unmatched capabilities and lasting performance through “Ingenious Plant Engineering” which is our competitive edge.

To become an Organization of sustainable growth with strong fundamentals and reach the landmark revenue of over INR 10 Billion in about 10 years from now and join the Billion Club of Industries, by leveraging our core value of “Unlimited Customization” a value that drives us to scale new heights.




1. Customer focus:

We strive to anticipate and create customer needs and internalize them to get closer to the customers, the only way that keeps the competitors away.

2. Learning and Innovation:

We would spare no efforts to achieve sustainable growth and constant innovation.

We aim at inventing new products and adding new verticals by encouraging experimentation and exploration.

3. Global reach:

We constantly strive to make our supply chain strong and delivery mechanism faster by propelling and extending our Global reach.

4. Building competency:

We endeavor to build skills, competency and expertise in people and make them champions to meet challenges and handle crisis in turbulent times. All out efforts would be ensured to satisfy customers through committed employees. LNVT is poised to realize the company vision through SEAMLESSLY integrating all the above stated mission objectives.