Single Unit Pulse jet Bag Filter


  • The single unit pulse jet bag filter de-dusts by the air of individual dedusting points
  • It features linear air distribution, online de-dusting, cages with venturis, good de-dusting effects, modular design, simple structure, flexible assembly into multi-module units and good adaptability to dust load requirements

Main Parameters:-

Gas Volume per Unit :1500~12000 m³/h
Max. Gas Volume with Combined Units-Single Line :50000 m³/h
Max. Gas Volume as Double Line Combined Units :100000 m³/h
Max. Gas Temperature :70~220 ºC
Max. Dust Content at Inlet :≤200 g/Nm³
Casing Pressure Load :5000 Pa
Resistance When in Operation :1500 Pa
Dust Content at Outlet :≤20 mg/Nm³
Bag Qty. per Unit :35~182
Bag Size ::Ø120×2000~3000 mm
Purge Air Pressure :~0.5