Roller Press

Roller Press

The roller press is a highly efficient and energy-saving choice for grinding hard and medium hard materials. It is widely used in manufacturing and/or processing of raw meal, cement, slag non-ferrous metals and iron ore. When upgrading the capacity of ball mill systems, it is the best choice of equipment. A roller press can be used as a pre-grinding system or in a combined grinding system with ball mills. Independently, it can also operate as a finish grinding system.


  • High output, high reliability and low energy consumption.
  • Relatively high working pressure, low vibration and stable operation.
  • Smaller rollers are forged in whole from quality alloy steel before welding the hard-facing layers. They are highly reliable and can be repeatedly re-welded; larger rollers are split into shaft and tyre, which guarantees better quality of the shaft and ease of replacement of the roller tyre.
  • Available roller surfaces: hard facing, composite and embedded studs.
  • Four-row cylindrical roller bearings ensure high bearing capability and long service life.
  • The calibration device for material feeding stabilizes roller gap from fluctuation.
  • The smart roller bearing lubrication system supplies to each lubrication point separately.
  • Due to the smart design of the control system, the roller press can be operated and controlled under the optimum working condition without great effort.

Hydraulic System:

  • Oil lubricated roller bearing are now standard with all roller press. All contact point on the cylinder roller bearing are supplied evenly with lubrication
  • Cooperation with professional hydraulic pressure plant
  • Imported key component
  • Highly integrated hydraulic pressure system—reliable operation
  • Easy installation of oil tube
  • Very few tube joint—no leakage

Structure of feeding system:

  • The plates flexible will adjustment feeding volume by the feeding device.
  • There is 50 ~ 120mm adjusting range for adjust the throughput of roller press
  • The standard deviation reduced based on feeding device

Four-row taper roller bearings:

  • High bearing capacity
  • Long lifetime
  • Reliable seal effect
  • High pressure and large diameter oil cylinder—high extruding efficiency

Surface form of roller and roller sleeve:

  • Offer roller with appropriate wear protection for almost all application in the cement and minerals industry. The two-part roller consisting of shaft and sleeve allows for economical surface replacement. The materials used in the two-part roller are perfectly matched to each other for strength and welding properties.
  • In order to suit for different material and working condition, SINOMA developed the super wearable sleeve and hard alloy pins sleeve for roller
  • Super wearable sleeve is multi-layer by centrifugal casting enables long running times without stoppages. The complete hard surface is used for feed material of normal wear characteristic. Surface repair can be carried out quickly.
  • The hard alloy pins sleeve is used for extremely abrasive material. As it widely used for minerals industry.

A driving force: reasonable stressed:

  • The drive power is transferred to the grinding roller via multi-stage planetary gear box with first stage.
  • The gear box mounted on the drive end of the roller shaft using locking disc. gives absolute safety. The torque supports are linked directly to the machine foundation.
  • This arrangement prevents torque related stress from acting on roller shafts and bearing.