Air Slides

Picture2Our organization holds specialization in manufacturing and supplying a wide assortment of Air Slides. Manufactured using mild steel, these slides are a simple device, which have the structure like box. Throughout the length inside, the aeration cloth is fixed, which functions with the help of a suitable capacity fan. In addition to this, the slides offered by us are used to handle powdered material. For handling cement and grits, these Air slides are recommended in cement plants at mill discharge points.

  • The Airslide is desinged to convey bulk powdered material in cement processing system. The airslide is Rectangular trough which consists of Top material chamber and bottom air chamber, both separated by a permaeable fabric. The compressed Air is injected to the bottom casing through blowers and the powdered material is feed in the top chamber. The compressed air passes through the permeable fabric and reaches the top chamber and making the material to fluidise and flow uniformly.
  • Airslides designed in various sizes from 200 to 600mm in width depending upon the capacity.
  • Airslides designed in various degrees of inclination depending upon the properties of material being conveyed