Preheater System


After extensive research and data from the existing preheater systems, and at the same time considering the characteristics of raw materials and fuels available in cement plants, the latest generation of Sinoma-tec preheater system represents a comprehensive upgrade from earlier generations. This updated system features optimized process and environmental performance. While operating with low system resistance and energy consumption, it will further contribute to reduced investment in construction investment. Also the level of emission of harmful components in the exhaust gas, such as NOx, and Sox has been significantly improved. The new design allows to make use of the full value of resources. It also permits to utilize all kinds of wastes as alternative fuels or additives, which allows the plant to develop towards an ecological, greener production. With environmental and ecological concerns, this new system is not only more cost effective but also more environmentally friendly.

Technical Characteristics of the Latest Generation Preheater System:

    • Suitable for production lines of 1, 000 t/d~12, 000 t/d
    • Suitable for a wide range of raw materials and fuels; the precalciner is uncomplicated in structure and easy to operate.
    • Ready solutions for different fuels, including bituminous coal, anthracite, inferior coal, heavy oil, crude oil and natural gas.
    • Available by-pass solutions for raw meal or fuels with high alkali or chlorine Content
    • NOx-reduction by fractional combustion in the precalciner by up to 50%; up to 70%with SNCR
    • A wide range of solutions for converting daily garbage, industrial wastes, sludge and toxic waste into resources and breaking up toxic materials into their harmless components , thus reducing actual overall pollution
    • Relatively low exhaust gas temperature, low pressure loss and energy consumption; highly efficient cyclone designed f Structural Features: or separating materials and gas.

Structural Features:

    • High volume calciner providing for high precalcination rate; available calciners in different designs, including curvedduct structure, triple-section structure and combined structure
    • Adaptability to different types of coal, pet coke, heavy oil and natural gas; adaptability to alternative fuels with their specific heat value
    • Reduced NOx emission by well-designed layout for calciner burners and tertiary air inlets
    • Cyclones designed for high separation efficiency and low pressure loss
    • Segmented inner tubes made from new type of heat-resistant cast steel, providing for long service life and easy Maintenance
    • Fixed splash plates are arc-shaped, which can better distribute materials and increase heat exchange efficiency
    • Flexible flap valves with good sealing effects, which prevent airflow blockage and facilitate easy maintenance

Fabricated Preheater Structure

Sinoma Specialises in design of fabricated structures for Preheater tower. The unique design of preheater columns will ensure speedy erection .