Plenum Pulse Jet Bag Filter


The plenum pulse jet bag filter is another type of bag filter de-dusting by air pulses Utilizing air pulses from the plenum, it features fewer purge valves, offline de-dusting, good de-dusting effects, solid structure, and low initial investment It is suitable for directly treating dust-laden, flammable and explosive fumes

Main Parameters:-

Gas Volume :18000-450000 m3/h
Max. Gas Temperature :70-220 ºC
Dust Content at Inlet :10-1300 g/Nm3
Dust Content at Outlet :≤10 mg/Nm3
Rows of Du-dusting Chambers :1-2
Number of Chambers per Row :1-14
Number of Bags per Chamber :30~128
Purging Air Pressure :0.5-0.7 Mpa
Casing Pressure Load :5000-13000 Pa
Resistance when in Operation :1470 Pa