Bucket Elevator


1. Steel Cord Reinforced Rubber Belt Elevator:

The belt bucket elevator is used for elevating bulk materials such as raw meal and cement

Product Characteristics

  • Elevating altitude: up to 150 meters.
  • Elevating capacity: up to 1300 t/h
  • Compact alignment of buckets, which ensures continuous material reception and discharge.
  • High reliability and lower operation cost compared with chain elevators


 2. Chain Bucket Elevator:

  • The bucket elevators are mainly used for vertical transportation of bulk materials. They are categorized into three types: Low Speed, Medium Speed and High Speed.
  • Low Speed: Suitable for elevating granulated material or powder at a low speed.
  • Medium Speed: Suitable for elevating limestone and clinker at a medium to low speed.
  • High Speed: Due to increased elevation speed, when required conveying capacity is the same as for Low speed, this type of bucket elevator are suitable and this is a more economic.